Portfolio/CV (eng)

Some info:

Major skills:
* C++(over 4 years odesk test), WinAPI
* OpenGl, GLSL;
* DirectX, HLSL;
* game development;
* graphic/game engine development;

Other skills/experience :
– Libraries:

* MFC, Boost, STL;
* Winsok, multithread programming;

-expirience with
* SVN experience / bugtracking;
* UML design.

-programming languages:
* C#, ASM, XML, php, MySQL, ActionScript(flash);

-Graphic programming:
* HGE, SDL, Havok, PhysX, Box2D, glut, glui and etc.

-other software experience:
* 3dsMAX, Photoshop.

* Russian (native), English(not excellent, but alright);

e-mail: andronakiy@gmail.com

Some of my works/ hobbys:

* self made primitive operational system (ASM)

* My 3d engine:

* Old unfinished 2d space RPG:

* Currently in progress:


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