coop games are awesome ^_^

Testing networking.


New character. Modding system.

New features. New video.

By the way, i’ve created page on indiedb.

Backgronds testing

Im testing now tilesets of background. Somebody may notice where from i borrowed those pictures :) but it’s just for a while

Attack of the clone machine!

Here’s new video. Testing AI system. Chip & Dale have volunteered both for this test.

I have a name!

I’ve came up with the name of the my game. Now it’s called “No Evil Allowed”.

New portals demo

was inspired by ASCIportal. So decided to test portals in box 2d.

Here it is:

New screenshot.

new gui New screenshot. Here is new gui system. And graphic object redactor.

Hero appeared.

Looking for background artist.

First network tests

Many bugs.